Sunday, April 20, 2008


Yesterday, while at work, I got sick and tired of having to pull my pants up every five steps. I realized my pants have gotten way to big. I have also realized, the factory gets very, very hot and humid. I’m not looking forward to the summer months there. So off I went to Kitchener for a little shopping spree.
I ended up finding a pair of light (material wise) pair of jeans for $4.99 on the clearance rack at Old Navy. Whoo hoo! And the fit nicely too. Double whoo hoo! But that’s where the shopping spree for clothing stopped. I didn’t find anything else that floated my boat. I did, however, find leather sandals for Monkey, a pair of skull slip-on shoes for him too (which have to be returned because they don’t fit) and a present for my little sister’s 18th birthday. The little is important this year. Only one more year and she can drink legally (other than in Quebec where she’ll be able to drink in two weeks). I still can’t get over the fact she can drive and owns a car. Sure, I did too at her age, but I remember feeling more grown up than I think she is.
I also stopped by Michaels to check out their scrap supplies. In all the years I’ve gone to Michaels, I’ve just by passed this section. I didn’t scrap, so I didn’t bother. I went to the small Michaels in Waterloo. Now I wish I would have gone to the bigger on down in Cambridge! They had some nice stuff. I know where I’m going when I’m ready to build my scrap corner in our new home (after we find that home). Lots of cool storage stuff. I picked up some cardstock, flame paper and a bling skull & cross bones with my sister in mind.
I stopped at Chapters too. I picked up Creativity Tips for Scrapbookers by Creative Keepsakes because it’s got a lot of cute layouts in it and a few good tips and a new notebook for ideas. I also grabbed a grande light caramel frap from Starbucks for the trip home. Yum.
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Jeanette said...

Oh sounds like you got some goodies! It fells good when your clothes are getting big!