Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's so Great about 27?

I have a confession...I thought I was turning 28 today. I'm aging myself.

I thought I would feel older by this point in my life, but I still feel pretty young. I don't feel 18 anymore...And I like to think I'm smarter than I was back then. But I still feel young. Thirty is only three years away and it doesn't faze me yet. We'll see how I feel three years from now.

Monkey had been rather clingy lately. It has it's ups and downs. He loves to sit in my lap with his cheek pressed up to mine. He's also become a kiss monster. He loves to get kisses, give kisses, blow air kisses and laughes like there's no tomorrow when Steve and I kiss. I love his love-dovey-ness!!!

Here's hoping to a year worth of lovey-dovey-ness from both monkey and Steve.


Lori said...

Ha ha, I thought I was 22 for about 5 years! Even now I still can't remember my age! How cute that Monkey loves kisses- he really is adorable!

Queen of Paper said...

I'll be at 27 this year on Halloween and I can't wait. I know it sounds crazy but I feel like my 30's are going to be great! LOL

HAppy Birthday :)