Thursday, November 12, 2009

In 3's...Everything always comes in 3's...

First Emilie Ahern, then Leah Killan and now Allison Cope.

Emilie was the first to declare she wasn't going to scrapbook anymore. I became a fan of her's when she was on the design team at Bad Girls Kits. I would hop over to her blog on a nearly daily basis. I loved her work...And her blog is a great read. She's an extremely funny lady with a huge heart. Plus her daughters are so stinkin' cute. I was sad when she announced she quit all her design teams and was no longer going to scrap. Just today, I read she was giving up paper scrapping all together. Sad news. Although I will still stalk her blog to see her craft of the month.

Leah Killan then declared she was no longer going to scrapbook. For now. She hasn't completely given it up. She said on her blog post that she needed a break. I will still visit her blog too. She, too, is funny and her children are adorable as well. Plus, she does awesome reviews once and a while.

Then I opened my hotmail this morning to find an email from Ally. She has decided, with what seems like a heavy heart, to end So Sketchy. I was so sad to read this email, but knew it couldn't be an easy decision for her. Then I visited Ally's scrapbooking blog and it broke my heart.

Emilie and Leah wouldn't know me from the next person. Although their news was sad, Ally's news hit home a little more. I respect her decision to close down So Sketchy, but I do hope she doesn't stop creating.

For those of you who don't know Ally, she is fabulously creative. One of my idols, for sure. She has been ever since I got to know her work at The Scrapping Bug about a year or so ago. I have been honoured to work along side of her at weScrap (she is the co-president now); and have had the honour of creating with her wonderful sketches at So Sketchy since June.

Ally has posted that she fears her creative days are numbered. I hope she just needs a break. If not, she will still always be one of my scrap idols.

And just because I think Ally might read this...I mean every word, Ally! You are a great inspiration to me. Whatever your decision may be, I'm here for you.


Allison Cope said...

Aww..... I am so blessed that you have been a part of The Scrapping Bug, WeScrap and especially so Sketchy! I admire your beautiful creations where they are posted. Thanks for the post. Yes... a heavy heart indeed. I fear that my love of crafting is coming to an end but we'll see. There's hope yet....

Nicole said...

I feel the same was you do.. It is so sad to see creative ladies give up somethign they once enjoyed and inspire so many others.

Angie said...

It is very sad.. I love Ally too and she is very inspiring in every thing she does. I will alway be a big fan!