Monday, December 10, 2007

Clothing, clothing and more clothing

I am learning fast that children are expensive. Sure, I knew this going into parenthood. That’s why I had panic attacks early on before deciding to keep my baby, and shortly after deciding to keep him. I was not financially ready in the way I had always hoped I’d be. I’m doing the best that I can with what I have. And I must say, Monkey man is one spoiled child.
I have no problems shopping in second hand stores. Children grow so fast, I don’t understand why someone would spend $50 on an outfit for a baby. They’re only going to get a few wears out of it before it’s too small. I am picky when it comes to second hand shopping though. The clothes must be in perfect condition. I’ve taken free hand-me-downs that were a little rough around the edges, but that’s free. Who’s going to complain about something free? I am also a big fan of the sale rack. My mother, who loves to spoil her only grandbaby, bought Monkey a bunch of t-shirts at the end of summer. Who can pass up $2 a shirt? She bought most of them too large so they would last longer. Monkey’s still wearing them now only I put a long sleeved shirt under it for warmth.
My little Monkey Man is growing so fast. Those shirts are almost too small for him right now. He’s grown out of his undershirts, socks, some pants, most of his sleepers and the majority of his shirts. I was so good at buying in advance. Bigger sized clothing was always hanging patiently for us in the closet. This latest growth spurt happened so fast I didn’t see it coming. I wasn’t prepared for it. I had bought a few pairs of jeans and a pair of overalls (I love overalls on babies. They’re cute and practical) in the summer during a sale at the Children’s Place. I honestly didn’t think Monkey would be wearing eighteen-month clothing until closer to his birthday, but he is. I never would have thought a nine-month-old baby would be wearing clothes for babies double his age. The clothes are still a little big on him. Shirts hang off him and pants have to be belted or contently pulled up with legs rolled up. Twelve-month clothing fits too snug and the pant legs float over his ankles.
I am dreading having to go shopping for new clothes for my little man. When he doesn’t need something, it can be fun. There’s no pressure. I buy whatever catches my eye. When he needs something, I over think it. I start thinking about how it’ll wear, what the quality of the fabric is, what the price is, does the piece of clothing match his need, what size he needs, would it be beneficial to buy a size too big to get longer wear out of the clothing or will it be way too big, does it match the clothing he has already. I start planning out outfits, practicality vs. stylish and so on. I really have to weight the practicality vs. stylish one. I absolutely love the Children’s Place because the clothing there is both practical (durable, good quality, decent prices when stuff is on sale, or buy too big and get longer wear for your money) and it’s all stylish. Monkey has the cutest pair of distressed jeans with a little belt from there. Pair it with a long sleeved shirt and a sweater with rolled sleeves to the shirt peaks out and his baby high tops and the baby is ready to rock. Anyone who has seen my child knows I love to dress him up. Little button up shirts and a pair of jeans are my favourite clothing to put on him. I love to put long sleeved shirts under his shirt sleeved button down shirts. I am also a sucker for graphic shirts and onsies. I would love to get him some baby vintage rocker shirts, but they cost more than I’m willing to spend.
I’m looking forward to Spring. Not because I’m already sick of the snow, but because I can have a garage sale. I have so much baby stuff I no longer need. It’s just colleting dust out in the garage. I would put them up on if I was still living in the city, but it’s too much of a hassle being an hour away. I have a baby swing, a bouncy chair, an infant tub, toys, outgrown clothes and more. Monkey’s almost too big for his jumperoo and should be completely out of it come spring.
With every thing Monkey man grows out of, there’s something new he needs. It really isn’t anything to complain or rant about. I enjoy giving something new to my son. He’s such a curious little wonder; I love watching him figure out a new toy. My latest joy is giving him a new book. Oh, how Monkey loves to read and be read to. We’ve given him these little cardboard Christmas books with foam covers (available at Pharma Plus, listed at American prices, but ours rang up at only $2 each) and he loves them. We read them about seven times a day each. My sister and I know the books by heart and can recite them anywhere, anytime. If someone is not reading one of the books to Monkey, he flips through the pages his self and babbles.
Oh, how I love listening to him babble. The only sound better than a baby’s babbling is a baby’s laugh. The ba-ba’s, ga’s, the raspberries and more. I love it. Monkey has said his first word. Not mama like I had hoped for. Not the dada I would have enjoyed too. No, my son’s first word was “yum.” Every time he eats something he enjoys, like prunes or garlic bread (are nine-month olds allowed to have garlic bread because my mother has been sneaking it to him since he was seven-months old), he yells “yum” while throwing his hands in the arm to show how happy he is over and over again.
I have gotten far off topic and I’ve written too much, so I will now write…
Until next time…

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