Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Another Day, Another New Year

Happy 2008 to the extremely few who bother to read this. I hope you have a fantastic year.
2007 flew by so fast for me. I suppose I can thank my son for that. It feels like he was born yesterday; only I’m no longer in pain and 37 pounds lighter (I don’t look or feel it, but that’s what the scale tells me), and he’s a hell of a lot bigger and no longer my little wiggle-ly blob. I also think I know a little more about babies than I did. Before I had my little monkey, I didn’t know how to hold a newborn let alone diaper, bathe, dress or feed one. I think I’ve come a long way.
Yes, 2007 was more of a blur than anything else.
I’m a little relieved about it too. After surviving the year that would never end (2005), a quick year is much appreciated.
I did not make any resolutions this year. I, like billions of other people, can’t seem to keep them. I have goals I’m working on. The same goals I had last year. Lose weight, get a new job and do a little more growing up. I’m an adult by age, but I don’t think I’m quite grown up just yet. There is a world of difference between being an adult and being grown up. Being an adult just means you can drink, buy cigarettes and vote. Being grown up involves a lot more. In a way I feel guilty I brought a naïve little baby into the world when I’m so naïve in so many ways myself.
How many 26-year-olds do you know have never paid an utility bill? Congratulations. You now know one. Me. Someone has always taken care of it for me. I know enough to know each and every utility has a bill that needs to be paid, I just have never had to be the one to pay it. At least I know enough about getting bills paid on time.
I hope this year is a nice quick one again. I’m going to do my best to get through it with a smile on my face. And hopefully I’ll continue on my path of weight loss. It would be nice to ring in 2009 in a new pair of pants.
Until next time…

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Rebecca said...

37 pounds? Sweet! Way to go. I like reading this, great thoughts. You are an inspiration that life moves forward it way we perhaps didn't expect, but maybe better than we could have hoped.

I hope poor bebe is feeling better with his teething. And his mama.