Monday, October 20, 2008


Here's my latest layout. I haven't taken much time to scrap lately. Last week Monkey was pretty sick with a flu that's going around.
I've been wanting to scrap this picture since I took it in February. I got Monkey's ver first unaided steps right here. But in all the excitment, I chopped off my dad's head! There was no time to take another picture because Monkey had made his way to me. I still love this photo although it's not perfect. The moment and memory are perfect enough. I had tons of fun taking outside pictures these past two weekends. My camera cord broke to upload onto the computer, so I borrowed mom's computer to load from the memory card onto a disk. I'm so glad too. I love these pictures! There's something about Monkey and Fall that just love. My favorite pictures of Monkey are from last Fall. Now I've fallen for these pictures!

Here's Monkey on the front porch with the flowers and pumpkins. Wish I had moved the blue garbage can out of the background...Oh well. I'm still learning.

Monkey walking around a large pile of leaves on the ground.
Monkey out by the shed.
Hercules! I love this picture of him.

Until next time...

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