Monday, November 10, 2008

Camera Woes

The cord that is used to download pictures from camera to computer broke a couple of weeks ago and I'm feeling it now. I own a laptop that doesn't have a spot to plug in the memory card. Since it broke, I download at my mother's house, burn onto a DVD (because my thumb drive is full) and bring home. It's making it hard to take pictures of layouts. My current camera has tons of problems and one of them is focusing. I tried to take some pictures the other day. Once I had them downloaded onto mom's computer, I saw how horrible they were. Very out of focus.

I really hope Santa Claus is hearing my plead for a new camera. I do hope there's a new Canon under the tree for me this year.
This picture of an altered item didn't turn out too bad. The close ups were horride though.

This is an empty ribbon holder (bobbin?) I painted, glued paper to, stamped and rubbed on. I took a long piece of paper and wrote a poem to Steve on it. He had to unravel the paper, like ribbon, to read the whole poem. See....This picture is out of focus, and I couldn't tell until it was uploaded. There are some other really bad pictures too. I need a new camera!!!

I normally crop my layouts so that they're better, but this one is so blurry it looks better like this. When I get a better picture, I'll re-post. I put a lot of "finger work" into this layout. See the sewing all around the page twice? That was all done by hand since I don't own a sewing machine. I hand drew the lines on the back of the paper and then, using my paper piercer, poked all the holes and the sewed. I only jabbed my fingers about a hundred times. :)

Until next time...(When I hopefully have better pictures)

Apple picking

Pumkin Patch

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