Monday, October 12, 2009

Blog? Do I Have One?

Hello Blog-Land! I've been having a crazy, busy month. It's not that I haven't had time to post. I just haven't bothered to. There's always something else I feel I should be doing in my downtime; like spending time with Monkey. And taking pictures of Monkey.
Like these ones...

I won a pumpkin at work. Monkey was so excited, he hugged the pumpkin.
We're in the say-cheese-and-hold-that-weird-smile age. It's not everytime, but enough for me to notice.

We were getting ready to go out to the library. I thought Monkey looked so cute in his litte hat, I just had to stop and take a picture.

This picture floors me! Strangers always think Monkey is older than he is. Throughout August and September, they were always asking him if he was ready to go back to school. Everyone thought he was 5. And floored when I told them he's only 2. Once I looked at this picture, I saw the 5 year-old everyone else sees. So, when he's 5, is he going to look like he's 8?
And now...A delayed So Sketchy layout...
Ally posted this one on the 8th. You can check out the sketch here.

Here's my pretty puppy, Hercules. He's a long haired chihuahua. And before you go thinking "she has a chihuahua? Ew! I hate chihuahuas;" let me just say, he used to be a great dog! Before he was abused by my ex. Now he hates men (other than Steve for some reason). He can be mean, but he can also be a total suck. I did this layout for the Random Inspirations at the Scrapbook Star.

And lastly...My creations with the awesome WeScrap October kit.
A quick and simple thank you card.

Sometimes You Just Have to SMILE - I added Glimmer Mist (in Pink Taffy and Black Gold) and white pen. A very simple layout which ended up being my favourite out of all the ones I created.

The ABC's Of You - I added white and black pen and a few staples.

Peace Grandpa - I added Ranger Distress Ink, thread, electrical tape (at least, I think it's electrical tape...I'll have to ask Steve), white abd black pen and an October Afternoon label sticker (which you can purchase from the WeScrap store!!!!)

Beauty Blur - I added white paint and a black glitter marker. I didn't want to run out of letter stickers, so I traced the letterd for the word blur and filled them in with my American Craft black glitter marker. I also used some of the bottom strip of my pattern paper to make a scalloped edge.

1st Hello - I would have never purchased this paper. I looked at it and thought "that's so not me." And then I pulled out this picture out of my stash. I knew this picture and this paper had to go together. And now, I absolutely love this layout. It's simple and fills me with joy as I gaze at the first meeting of my mother and son.

I have this tiny matchbox I like to keep my sewing needles in. I decided to alter it so it looks prettier on my desk. I added turquois paint and a piece of Basic Grey bling (which you can find at the WeScrap store!!!!!)

And that's all for right now. I'll try to be a better blogger, but can't make promises for the rest of the month.
Until next time....

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