Saturday, October 24, 2009

Think Pink and Wiggles

On Thursday, I had the delightful pleasure of taking Monkey to see his favourite band...The Wiggles! We traveled to London (Ontario) just after lunch to see the 3pm show. Monkey had a grand time singing and dancing along with the music before the show even started. Once Jeff (the purple Wiggle, for those who aren't familar with the Wiggles) came out on stage, Monkey couldn't believe his eyes! He helped to wake Jeff up; he cheered when he really liked something; and when Sam and Murray (the yellow Wiggle and red Wiggle) came into the crowd, Monkey decided to chase Sam. Sam is his favourite Wiggle. He's going to be Sam for Halloween this year. Not the Obi Wan I wanted him to be. If dressing up like Sam makes him happy, then Sam it is. Monkey dragged my mom up to the front of the stage twice. We had floor seats, in the Hot Potato section. My little monkey wanted to be on stage to dance with his idols. At the end of the show, Jeff and Anthony (the purple and blue Wiggles) said goodbye to Monkey. Monkey was upset we didn't bring roses for Dorothy the Dinasour. If he's still into the Wiggles next year and they come back, we'll hit the dollar store for roses before the show.
Reading before the show.
Sam doing balancing act with a Wiggly dancer. Our favourite Wiggly dancer, yes we have a favourite, was not there. We were a little disappointed.
Cheering because the Big Red Car just came out.
There's the Big Red Car!
Captin Feathersword in a ball.
Fruit Salad!
Monkey Man
Sam...Just past our row of seats.
Anthony, Captin Feathersword and two Wiggly dancers...They were amazing!
Wow! The Captin is built!
This was shortly before Monkey took off down to the stage for the second time.
End of the show. It was fun.

Right after Anthony and Jeff said goodbye to my Monkey.

The Think Pink Crop is in full swing over at WeScrap right now. Come on over and play with us. You might even win a pink Slice!!! I'll be heading over as soon as it's naptime here in our household.

Until next time...


Stephanie Joanna said...

ooohhh I love The Wiggles! lol
They put on such a great show for kids. :o)

Lydia said...

oh my son loves the wiggles looks like it was fun