Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Love Owls!

I was poking my nose around Elsie Flannigan's blog. She featured Talkproof. An adorable esty store with handmade plushies. They are seriously adorable. I wish I could buy everything up! I did buy something...

Aren't they sweet? Little owls named Pepper, Ralphie and Jasper. I wasn't going to buy anything, until I saw them. And they were on sale! I know it's a little early to be buying things for Nugget (the baby), but I couldn't help myself. How sweet will these little guys look in the crib? Ralphie (the middle one) matches the bassinet and the sheets we have (still have them from Monkey, no need to buy new...Unless Nugget is a girl then I'll buy a little pink to add into the mix). And Jasper (the one on the right) matches the crib sheets (once again from Monkey! I love them so I'm not planning on buying more. I think I am going to sew a new cover for our bumper pads though. They're blue, never matched and I only got them because they were on sale. I think I'll get some yellow fabric to help it match better this time). Pepper doesn't match, but I couldn't leave her behind.

So, you see...I had to get these little owls. They were meant for me and Nugget. And I'm sure Monkey will get a kick out of them too.

Until next time...

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