Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Babies

I have nothing scrappy to share today. I've been very good at getting projects started, but not finished this month. I almost have my layouts done for the July kit for The Scrapping Bug. I know I say this every month, but I love the papers in this kit! I love them so much, I ordered more! I just have the finishing touches to put on them and they're done.

I have three other layouts still to finish and two mini albums. I haven't even touched my pregnancy journal in a while. There's tons I'd like to do, but either no time or no energy to do so. I just keep telling myself I'll get to it. And I will...Someday. :)

I would like to share with you the story of our new baby. Not the baby that I am happily growing inside, but a baby of the furry kind. Meet Charlie...
Monkey has been begging for a cat since Christmas. He wanted a cat named Gilbert. Steve has been begging for a cat since we moved into our current home two years ago. I've been the meanie saying no this whole time. Steve has been working overtime on the begging for a few months now. He even got me to agree to look at cats every once and a while. Thursday was one of those days he got me to agree.

Well, two cats caught my attention. A one-year old cat named Charlie and a nine-week old kitten named Aramis. We played with both cats. Monkey even played with the other nine-month old kitten who was marked as sold. Since his name wasn't on the cage anymore, Monkey called him Brother. It took an hour to convince me, but the boys did it. Monkey picked out the kitten and re-named it Charlie.

Overnight, we quickly became attached to Charlie. He was playful, energic and the biggest suck you have ever seen. Then Steve got the horrible call from the shelter. They mixed up the kittens! The people who had bought the other kitten came in to look at him and were floored that the kitten they picked out and signed for was gone. The shelter double checked the mirco chip ID number and sure enough, the kitten we signed the paperwork for was there. We had no choice but to give Charlie back. We agreed to take the other kitten since we, according to the paperwork, had adopted that one. Me, being the hormonal pregnant lady that I am, cried like a baby.

We explained to Monkey that the shelter made a mistake and we took home Brother by accident. The new kitten was really Charlie. He wasn't too sure at first, but quickly took a shinning to the new Charlie.

This one is much different from the other. He's thinner, longer and uses his claws a lot more. I wasn't sure if I wanted him, but told Steve I'd give him a chance. Worse case, we take him back to the shelter and pick out a new cat.

After spending the day with new Charlie, he's growing on me. We have some trainning to do and I have new curtains to buy (after trainning), but I think we're going to get along just fine. Monkey certainly is attached...

New Charlie and Chase playing with Thomas (and Sock Monkey and Pooh Bear)
Charlie sleeping in Monkey's lap. Don't get too confused; Monkey has his stuffed dog, Sticks, in his arms too. Charlie and Sticks are almost the same colour.
And a tiny bit more news, I'm seven months pregnant now. Yay! Third trimester! Getting closer and closer to meeting my littlest boy. I am now seeing my ob once a week. Looks like preeclampsia has risen it's ugly head once more. I had it with Monkey too. My ob will be watching me closely. We'll be working towards getting me as far into this pregnancy as we safely can to ensure the health and well being of baby Nugget.

Until next time...

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SusieJ said...

Oh Jen - what a mix up with the kittens. Thank goodness Chase has taken to the new one. Good luck with the training.
I'm sending you sparkles and hugs to keep the pre-eclampsia at bay.
Just take it easy and go with the flow.
Sue xx