Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Time For a New Me

I highly dislike being sick. And sick I am.

I’m not too sure what’s wrong with me. I thought at first it was just a cold, but nothing is affected other than my throat. It’s sore, full of gross stuff and you don’t want to read more of that. Maybe I was right and it’s just a form of a cold or the flu.

None the least, I didn’t let it stop me from working out today. I have decided to get off my baby fat ass and do something about the extra weight I had pre baby and the added from post baby. My mother, sister and I all went to Curves this evening. My mother was there to support me. My sister was there to make fun of me. I was there because I know it’s time to make myself feel better. For a woman who thought she was out of shape to the extreme, I think I did well. I pushed myself and felt really good after I was done. All three of us are going back on Friday.
My ultimate goal is to be comfortable in a bikini again. It’s been many moons since I last wore one. My short term goal doesn’t even have to do with weight or fitness. It’s just to make sure I go workout a minimum of three times a week for a month. Once I’m past that month, it’ll be come habit and then I can work on weight or inch goals. I’ve already cut back on my pop intake a great deal over the past two weeks. I made a case of pop (12 pack) last me from the 6th to today. In all honesty, that is huge for me. If there’s pop in the house, I can drink it like its water. I’ve been making a good size dent in my sister’s Crystal Light packs. Taster than plain ol’ water all the time and only 5 calories. Who can beat that? Don’t get me wrong, I like drinking water; I just don’t want to drink only water. I don’t drink coffee (unless it’s a flavoured latte from Starbucks) and I don’t drink tea other than the odd herbal one in the colder months. I hate orange juice and try not to drink too much fruit juices. I dislike milk other than the odd glass chocolate milk. I even dump out what I don’t eat along with my cereal or with my cookies when I dunk. And even though I love green Kool-Aid, I’m staying away from it because of all the sugar. So water and Crystal Light are two choices I can enjoy.

Until next time…


Anonymous said...

Wow it's another freaky thing we have in common. I LOVE coke too! I love it so much I asked it to marry me. It said no that I wasn't it's type. Here's a tip from one pop fiend to another, if you buy the mini-cokes or pepsi's you will drink less. Also I stayed to drink blame black tea. At first I didn't really like it but then I got use to it. Also if you limit the times you can drink pop that will help cut it down too. What I did is say I can't have pop until noon. Then after awhile I send no coke after 7pm. Soon I would only be having one a day or one every two days. At first I didn't like water either but then I started to drink (or chugg) a glass or two twice a day. I started drinking more and more and than I got up to 2 litres a day. The weight really starts coming off when you do that.

Good luch with the weight loss. I know you can do it. Protein and veggies are your friends.

Jen said...

I have no problems with most veggies. There's few I don't like. It's fruit I have a hard time with. And I'd like to point out I would love to be friends with potatoes, but they like me so much they stick waist, my thighs, my butt...Ah, the love/hate relationshop I have with potatoes.