Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Murphy's Law!

I’ve decided to kick my lazy butt into gear and finally do something about the extra weight I’ve been carrying around. I’ve complained enough, it’s time to work it off. The local Curves was promoting no membership fees for signing up during the month of October. I went to check it out. I was offered a week long guest pass to try it out; see if it’s something I can commit to. I was wary at first. I’ve always had this weird self conscience thing about working out in front of other people; and at Curves, all the machines are in a circle facing each other and there’s always a staff member watching to make sure you’re using the machines right. I figured I needed some motivation. So I bought new workout clothes and a new pair of running shoes (because you’re not allowed to wear outdoor shoes inside Curves). Thank you, Zellers for having a great sale on shoes and an even greater selection of clearance active wear. There’s my motivation; I spent money and now I had to get use out of it. I went to Curves three times. They say three times a week is all you need to benefit from their program (keep in mind, you have to challenge yourself in order to lose weight or tone up. If you don‘t work those machines or work your muscles on the recovery boards, you aren‘t going to see any change). On the third day, Monday, I joined. I was all hyped up about it.

I was supposed to go again today. I was excited to go as a member with my spiffy, little barcode keychain to sign in. Murphy’s Law got me again. I am sick. Very sick. Fever, achy, coughing…It had to happen today. I was still planning on going until my mother hid my car keys. I’ll go tomorrow if I’m feeling better.

I’m still pretty psyched I’m doing this. With any luck I’ll work myself back to being comfortable with myself. I’ve done the whole fad diets before. Some have worked and others have flopped. Last year, pre-pregnancy, I put myself on a diet and lost fifteen pounds in about three months. I gained it all back within three months of my pregnancy, and then some. I hate how my old “fat” pants that used to fall off me, but were comfortable on “fat” days, fit perfect now.

Joining Curves is for more than just slimming down. I want to, hopefully, tone up too. And the most important thing is to be healthy. Thank goodness I have fun while I’m at Curves.

Any women out there who don’t really like the gym, have trouble working out at home, can spare 30 minutes, three times a week, have motivation and want to have a little fun…Join your local Curves. It’s not all that bad.

By the way; happy Halloween. I'll be sure to post pictures of my lil monkey man all dressed up as a skunk for his first Halloween.

Until next time...Happy Haunting!


Anonymous said...

I know you did the fad diets before but it's the exercise you need. They should go hand in hand. Remember you need 21 days to start a habit. If Brian gets this new job he is hoping to get then that means he will be on days and going into work at 6:30am. I'm going to get him to drive me to the O-Train and I am going to start going to the gym in the mornings. Sure it's going to suck the first couple of times but my body will adjust and I am going to fell SSSOOO much better. I remember when I use to go to the gym I really felt good after (not directly after cause you feel sweaty and tired) but later that day and the following day. I found I had ALOT more energy and it was a good way to work out stress. I think I should very start going now cause I find work is stressing me out and last year when I was at H&R Block I was super stressed and having anxiety attacks (those aren't cool) This year I plan to be more calmer and go to an office that is already established and has a manager who knows what they are doing. That way I can go in and do some taxes and then go home. I won't have people calling me at my other job wondering how they do stuff.

You will be happy to know that in 26 months I will be completly debt free. I worked out a debt budget and I figured out how to pay off my 3 student loans and my 2 credit cards. The only thing I will have left is the mortgage but that debt really isn't boethering me. I figure by then we will have been in the house for 4 years and we can start renovating it. I'm REALLY excited about the idea of being debt free. We'll see how it goes.

Jen said...

I highly doubt I will ever be debt free again. All I can say is I am working at having very little and controlled debt. Is there such a thing?