Monday, November 12, 2007

Muffin-tops Are Nicer on Muffins

I recently heard that the body cannot lose inches and pounds at the same time. You either lose inches or you lose pounds depending on how your body is changing. I heard this twice from two different people who do not know each other. And I think I believe it. I lost two inches last week and this week I’m two pounds lighter. I’m not feeling more energetic; I feel more sore. I guess the energetic feeling with come in once the muscles I forgot I had toughen up.

My “fat” pants are getting more and more baggy on me. It’s at the point I just have to take one step and they nearly fall down. It’s annoying as hell to continuously have to pull up my pants, or hold them in place when I sit down or run up or down sets of stairs; but it’s wonderful at the same time. I’m fitting into more and more of my old pants…finally! My mother commented on how horrible my pants look on me a few times. I saw my rear end in a display window yesterday and saw she was right! My pants were quickly shifting down my hips, leaving me with a very unflattering baggy bottom. There was a pool of blue denim hanging below my butt; making me look like I don’t know how to dress myself. It looked really horrible. It didn’t help that as my pants were trying to make their way to the floor, my shirt was slowly creeping upwards over my hips, threatening to show off my ugly stretch marks.

Don’t get me started on those horrid stretch marks. Like you really want to read about them anyways. I’ll just say they are fading and I wish they would fade faster.

A pit fall to my “fat” pants is the fake muffin-top. I have a nice round muffin-top when trying to wear most of my pre-baby pants. It would be nicer if it didn’t exist, but that’s why I joined Curves, right. When my “fat” pants make it past my hips I get, what I like to call, the fake muffin-top. My hips stick out over top of the waist of the pants and it’s just horrible. I refuse to buy new pants when I have a stack of perfectly good ones patiently waiting for me to fit nicely in them again.

I was told I’m supposed to have goals when trying to lose weight. I didn’t have one, so I decided to make one up. My goal is to feel great about myself when I go visit Steve. And I hope to fit into my tightest pair of jeans without a muffin-top by January. I have two months to do it. That’s 29 more workouts and 7 weeks to go. Wish me luck.

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