Thursday, November 1, 2007


I used to love Halloween! I was Rainbow Brite for my first Halloween. I was also Rainbow Brite for my second. My mother spent hours sewing that costume for me. I even had my very own Twink. I was a bride one year and cried. It was raining and my mother made me wear a garbage bag over my beautiful gown. I was a cat many years over and a witch too. I just like the excuse to wear the dark makeup I can’t pull off in my day to day life.

I think my favourite Halloween memories come from when my family was living in Ottawa. Halloween parties, trick or treating, my little sister’s first Halloween trick or treating. My sister wanted to be Princess Jasmine in the worst way. My mother dressed her up as a pink bunny. My sister told everyone who would listen that she was dressed up as Princess Jasmine Bunny. She was 2 or 3 years old. It was pretty cute.

Monkey man was all decked out in orange and black for the beginning of the day. Then he was a skunk for the rest. My mother was so excited she dragged poor Stinky all over town to show him off. Many strangers tried to give him candy and were shocked when I said no thank you. No one could believe he’s only seven months old. They all thought he was older, especially since he was walking most of the time.

In our sleepy, little town, there aren’t many kids who go out trick or treating. Most parents drive the kids over one town because it’s a bigger. We’re on the edge of town and our street is not well lit. We only got five kids this year. My mother likes to prepare for the unexpected. One year, just out of the blue, she had 50 kids come by. I think her record before that was 15. No one knows were all the kids the one big year came from.

Three years ago, my family got into the Halloween spirit. Everyone dressed up. My sister and I were witches, my father was the crypt keeper and my mother, well, I’m not too sure what she was but she looked scary. Hercules, who was only 4 months old, was a bee so my mother dressed up her dog as a bee too. We called them our killer bees. Poor Herc spent most of the night scared. My father was scaring the little kids. One kid walked right up to him, so close they were almost touching and said “you’re scar-we.” Another little girl decided she was scared after she got her candy and nearly ran unto the creek that’s next to our house. It was a good year.

Monkey man was grumpy most of yesterday. He didn’t sleep well the night before and only took one nap during the day. We only got a couple of pictures of him smiling. On the plus side, he’s slept most of today.

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