Monday, May 12, 2008

Home is where the boogers fly.

Steve and I may be one step closer to finally having a roof over our heads again. We went to look at an apartment in a four-plex this past weekend. It’s not as big as some of the other places we’ve looked at, but it as a bunch of perks we liked. There’s two entrances; the main one with the buzzer at the front of the building and one in the back from the parking lot. There’s a large deck. Yep, I said deck, not baloney. It’s only a two bedroom, but the rooms are a very good size with huge closets in each. There are two hall closets, plus a closet in the large bathroom. The biggest perk for me was the in suite laundry. No coin, share with the rest of the building, never can get the machines when you need them here. Steve loved the in floor heating. Heat and satellite are included as well. There’s enough property for Monkey to run around and everyone in the building has small children. One even baby-sits. Maybe, if we get the place, she’ll be able to take on Monkey too. The building is only about six-years old. There’s nothing rotting, broken or scary lurking around in the dark corners. It’s in the new sub-division of the town, near a beautiful park and nature trails and only about a 15 minute walk away from the local scrapbook store. Had to get that in there somewhere. Everything in the apartment was clean, neutral and pleasant to the eye. Monkey had fun stomping on the carpets. I think he liked how cushiony they were.
So, we sent in our application for the place today. Steve faxed it from work. Fingers crossed, everyone. If all goes well, we’ll be moving in at the end of the month. And we are so ready for it. Being apart like we are right now sucks and is slowly bring on stress to our relationship. Please don’t read that wrong and think we’re fighting and will be struggling to make our relationship work. It’s not that way at all. The love, the desire to be together, the friendship and the romance is still all there. Being apart is emotionally draining and we want nothing more than to be together in a place we can call our home again.
Oh…And for those of you who say the little hell hole we called home last time in Kitchener…This place is about as big, but the layout is a lot different and it’s about, oh, 1000% better.
Monkey is sick. He has either the flu or a cold. I’m not sure which. Both are hard to peg when it’s an adult who can explain what’s sore; harder when the person can’t say more than ten words. It all started shortly after midnight. Monkey kept waking up because he couldn’t breath well lying down. I ended up bringing him into bed with Steve and I around 4am. Just so I could rest a little while propping Monkey’s shoulders and head up so he could breath a little easier. I took the day off work today to stay home and take care of my wee one. Poor little guy couldn’t go more than an hour without falling asleep. And then would only sleep for about 20 minutes at a time. I let him decide where to sleep. If he waved night-night, then he went to sleep in his crib. If he didn’t wave, he would either curl up with me on the couch or fall sleep in either the make-shift bed I made for him on the floor (couch blanket, throw pillows and his large kitty stuffed animal) or in the dog bed (he loves that thing for some reason).
He hasn’t been sick often (Thank, God!) but whenever he is, I feel so utterly useless. I, like so many parents I suppose, wish I really could make him all better with a kiss. I also wish I had purchased softer tissues so I wouldn’t have to chase and tackle him just to wipe the slimy, gross boogies that slide out of his nose. And on that note, my son has discovered how to make snot bubbles today and proceeded to try to show me and as I reached over to wipe it away, he sneezed it all over me. I had no idea so much snot could come out of such a small person.
Until next time…


Rebecca said...

Jen, did you find out yet?? I hope it worked out! Keep us updated and I am keeping my fingers crossed..sounds like a great place for y'all.

Christine said...

good luck on the move, Jen!

hope the little one feels better soon!