Friday, May 23, 2008

Lazy Procrastination

I have been feeling lazy these past few days. I start something and have trouble finishing the task on hand. Example: I did our laundry on Wednesday. Being the good daughter and sister I am, I also did Mom, dad and Jess’ laundry too. Monkey was a big help. He would put clothes in the washer for me (gotta love front loaders), he would push the button to start the washer, he “helped” me sort the clothes (meaning he just threw clothes on the ground, but still; he felt he was helping) and he helped fold and put clothes in the basket. I got all the laundry done. I just didn’t bother to put any of the clean clothes away until today. A step up from when I was younger, mind you. I used to wash my clothes, pick through the basket every day for stuff to wear, pile the dirty clothes next to the basket and once most of, or all, the clothes from the basket were dirty again, I would wash again. I don’t think I saw the inside of my closet for a couple of years.
I like doing the laundry now. I still don’t like putting away clothes, but I do it (even if it is a couple of days later). While living with my parents again, I have volunteered to do the laundry many, many times. I’m the only one who seems to know which article of clothing belongs to who. My father is the worst. He not only confuses who’s socks are who’s, but underwear, shirts and pants too. He says he just can’t tell. Yes, because it’s hard to tell the difference between my sister’s size 2 pants and my…not size 2 pants. Ah, my dad…I love him.
Wednesday, I decided to tackle the mess I had created over in my scraping corner. I had more stuff lying around than put away. It was time to organize a little. I ended up with what looked like a big mess. But, in my head, I was getting somewhere. I got most of it put away when I stopped. I was tired and decided to finish up in the morning. I didn’t. I haven’t. It’s still there. Right around the room from me. I want to clean it up. It’s just every time I go over there, the pictures I have out from my latest project call my name. They’re begging to be scrapped. I know if I’m over there too long, I’ll start playing instead of putting away. So I’m going to do the next best thing. I’m going shopping this afternoon. I’ll deal with the little mess tonight. Or tomorrow morning.
Until next time…


Bethany Kartchner said...

LOL! Totally can relate!

Jeni Boisvert said...

Hi Jen!! Hope things are going good with the move! I've been putting things off lately too, there's just NOT enough time in the day, so the boring stuff gets cut out! ;)