Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Place Part II

The front view of our place (taken from the bedroom window) Our street and the lovely telephone poles that line the so-called nature trail.
The lovely plant/photo box Steve brought home for me one night, just because. I put Monkey's picture in it.
Monkey just relaxing on his chair. Doesn't that wall just scream out "Put a damn picture on me"? I think so. Steve and I are going to get creative. A friend of Steve's is going to blow up a black and white picture of Monkey and put in just one colour (like for a toy or a shirt, whatever). We haven't picked out a picture yet.
My cheeky Monkey. In need of a haircut...Again...Love those curls though. He has mommy's hair alright.

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pepsigirl said...

Love the new place! So glad to see you getting settled girl!