Wednesday, June 11, 2008


It's blurry because I copied a picture then cropped out a part of it. I don't have an advance photo altering program to make it look better...But...That's my Stevie there. He went to play paintball last weekend. He thinks he looks pissed off. I think he looks serious and handsome. But then again, I always think he looks handsome. If I didn't then we wouldn't be where we are today, now would we.
I've put Steve on a mission to get me paintball pictures of his self so I can scrap them. I really want to put our two hobbies together to create memories for when we're 90 and can barely move. Someone else can turn the pages of my scrapbooks and we can enjoy the past once again.

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Lori said...

Very macho looking picture Jen! It's so good that you would your two hobbies to come together and make memories from.