Sunday, December 21, 2008

Giveaway and more

Check out this *amazing* give away at Life As Lou. Tons and tons and tons of Cosmo Cricket yumminess!

How's your few days before Christmas going? I've been working hard on scrapbook projects and just having fun playing with paper. Most of what I've done cannot be shown yet because they're gifts. I have them posted on online galleries, but they'll have to wait to come here just in case. You know how it is.

I did not take this pledge, but most of my gifts this year, aside from the kids' gifts are homemake. Only I didn't buy them, I made them. And I had tons of fun doing them. Hope they don't mind homemade gifts next year too.

Have you gotten snow? Are you in one of the many areas who got dumped on recently by Mother Nature? We did. Steve got stuck in the driveway and could not get out! It took a snow plow to get his car unstuck. There was just too much snow. Okay, we did cheat there. I'm sure with a few hours of shoveling, (yep, that's hours) we (okay, he) could have gotten his car unstuck and parked where it's supposed to be. Looking out the window this morning (at 6am) it looks like we got hit again last night. And it's still snowing. Guess we're homebound today.
I'm not one who has to get out of the house all the time, but if I get stuck at home due to a storm or if I get so sick I'm stuck at home, I get antsy. I have to get out the moment it's clear, or I'm somewhat well. Take away my wings and I feel the urge to fly, I suppose.
This layout came from a So Sketchy sketch. I flipped the picture layout and made it a 12x12 instead of an 8.5x11. Monkey and I were baking cookies and I decided to snap some pictures while they were baking. The smart lil bugger got out the oven mitts all by his self once I said the oven was hot. The last picture there with the oven mitt at his ear is my favourite. He just stopped what he was doing, brough the oven mitt up and said "Hello? Grandma?" Of course it came out "A-row? Gann-mommy?" Yep, my child sounds like a cartoon dog when he says hello...

This is another So Sketchy page. I have been meaning to scrap these pages since the summer. Monkey absolutely went nuts for this transport truck. Thanks to the trees at the side of the lot there, we didn't have to watch the workmen install new telephone wires and such, but we did see their big transport truck. They parked there everyday for a good week or so. Monkey was in Heaven every single day. Like a true little boy, he loves trucks. When we're out and about all I hear from his little mouth is "Ohh...Mommy! Lok! Big tuck!" At least he says "tuck" now instead of the c@%k he used to say...
Until next time....

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Rebecca said...

Those look so great! I used to love scrapbooking. I have a big box of my supplies in my storage unit. It is such slow going for me when I scrapbook, it takes FOREVER, but it is strangely calming too.

I'm jealous!