Monday, December 14, 2009


'Tis the week before Christmas
And all through the house
Mommy was surprisingly calm
And Mo's noisier than a mouse...

If you don't know who Mo is...She's my sister's hamster. We're hamster sitting while she's away in college. I've gotten used to the stinky, noisey rodent. She's become my excuse to why we can't get a cat.
Don't get me wrong...I love cats! I want one as much as the boys do. I'm just thinking with my head. I have a dog. He lives with my parents because he can't come here. It would not be fair to get a cat when Hercules has yet to move back in with us. And our place is so small and overfilled...We have no room for a kitty litter box.
There are the few odd days out there when I wish I didn't scrapbook just because it takes up so much room. Yep...I said it...Doesn't mean I'm going to give up my beloved hobby though. I just sometimes look at my tiny space and think...We could have a shoe rack and coat hangers there. I could always give up my desk to create more room. But then I would always take over the kitchen table (which I do already, it would just be worse). I love my tiny space though. It's small, cramped and I can never get anything with ease; but it's mine.
And Steve puts up with it so wonderfully; I in turn put up with his paintball gear. Yes, his is more compact than mine. But it's right in front of my bedroom window and the closet. I've fallen over it more often than once. It's not too bad through. One day, we'll have a man cave for him to go nuts in. We'll also have a craft room for me.

Have you gotten your Christmas shopping done yet? I'm almost there. Steve and I went out this past weekend and got almost everything on our list. I don't like crowds. I get very nervous in crowds and can get grumpy and cranky. I had a couple of moments, but over all I did well, I think. There's just a few more items to get and I will be done. A few items I'm waiting for in the mail too. I'm praying they get here this week.

I have no projects or layouts to share today. I didn't find time to finish my wreath. I did finish up some presents, but I can't share those just yet. If I have time this week...I'm planning on working on december daily...which isn't really a daily because I haven't been taking pictures every day. It's more of a Holiday Season album. I've recorded most of our month so far...forgetting to get a picture of Steve and I all dressed up for my staff party...And it'll continue through to the new year when all the visits and Christmas' (yes, more than one) are done.
So, until next time...

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{Sarah} said...

Nope, haven't even really started with my Xmas shopping, I'm bad this year! LOL And I'm glad to know I'm not alone with the December Dailies struggle =( I have good intentions, but I haven't really done anything except assemble it!