Friday, December 11, 2009

Twice in One Week!!

How long as it been since I've posted more than once in one week...Then again, how long has it been since I posted before this week?

I have one more little project to share.
Last year, it was the Christmas of bad photos. I have maybe 5 out of the 300 I took that are nice. So I decided even the bad pictures had to be scrapped.
This was a group shot with Steve. I cropped Steve out to get the kids on the front. Christian was all balled up, Elizabeth was leaning away and Monkey stuck his tongue out. And no one stayed for me to try and get another shot.
This first picture there is Monkey giving the Santa Claus parade a thumbs down. When asked if he likes Christmas, Monkey blew a raspberry (cropped out of the picture is my sister laughing and my mom with her mouth open in shock...It's actually my fave picture. Not beautiful, but funny as heck). And that group shot I cut apart for the front.
Steve's parents have one of the prettiest trees. Patti and I tried to get a good shot of the kids in front of the tree. But Monkey was having a melt down and Elizabeth wouldn't smile. Only Christian smiles. Every shot was in vain.
Bunny ears, not looking at the camera, not keeping the reindeer antlers on and trying to grab the camera. Ah, Christmas...

Until next time...


{Sarah} said...

A-freaking-dorable!!!!!!!!!!! Love it! =)

Angie Blom said...

Oh Jen.. I love this album!! Amazing!!