Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

A very merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it!!!! And to those who don't, happy holidays! And for any one who doesn't celebrate anything at this time of the year...Enjoy your days off work! An added bonus.
Tonight is Christmas for us...At least Christmas #1. My family tradition is to exchange gifts on Christmas Eve. My mother's tried to move it back to Christmas day before, but my sister never lets her. My sister is a creature of habit and does not like change...Any change! She's the type who'll wash her socks and underwear right away just so she can wear them again the next day. Yes...She does wash them. Our mom didn't raise little piggies. We live cluttered lives and can never find what we're looking for in our own homes, but we're clean!
Speaking of cluttered...And maybe on the messy side...Take a look at my desk...

That's it...Right now...The sad thing is, I haven't done anything scrappy related in weeks! I've been trying to work on my December album, but something else always comes up and I have to push it aside.
Tonight, we're leaving for my parents' house. We're staying there two nights. Boxing day, we're getting up bright and early to drive to Belleville. We're picking up the other two rugrats and racing down to Stoney Creek to Steve's dad's house. We'll spend two nights there and drive home on Monday. Thank you, bank holidays, for giving me Monday off in lue of Boxing Day on Saturday!
More days of no scrappy time...And then there should be a couple of lovely kits awaiting me. One from WeScrap. Check out the kit peek here. Seriously, I can't wait! I don't know if I'm allowed to share the kit's name with you yet...But let me tell you, it sounds heavenly! I'm hoping to capture some beautiful pictures of Steve's little princess to go along with this kit.
The other kit...Which might arrive today (fingers crossed) is from The Scrapping Bug. Kim has asked me to design for her for another month. She told me what's in the kit and I am soooo excited!
Steve's kiddos will be here while I'm trying to whip out layouts for these kits. I might have to set up a craft area for the princess and I. I believe the big man in red is bringing a certain little monkey some paints. We might have to include him in our crafting.
Until next time...And if I don't blog until 2010...Happy New Year to everyone as well!!!!

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