Thursday, December 23, 2010

December in a Nutshell

At least up until today...

We have a kitten who is claiming every box in the house (before it gets recycled)
 A baby who makes a cute gangster elf
 Bur he proves he can smile too
 A kitten who eats cheap, glittered decorations. There's glitter in the litter box!
 Monkey loves his Lego advent calendar
 My boys! How I adore them
 Monkey proving how smart he is. He spelt Wee Man's name all by his self
 Making green cookies on a pj day
 Lookin' cute
 Snow day!

 A fuzzy sock sort of day
 A cute sort of day
 Chopped off the hair. Bye bye pony tail
 Santa came to town early
 Monkey was jumping up and down

 Opening presents at Christmas #1
 All three older kids made a gingerbread house
 I think they did an awesome job
 Rudolph cupcakes! I adore Rudolph!

And as soon as we have some sun and I have time, I'll share some scrappy related projects.

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