Monday, January 3, 2011

Time? Where are you?

I swear I have no time. I have no idea where the days go anymore. Really haven't since Wee Man came along. Not that I'm complaining. I've been enjoying being a mother of two so much; even when the two of them are crying.
We had Steve's other two rugrats here over Christmas...Four kids, total chaos! It was trying, but oh so fun at the same time.
I love this picture I got of the kids. It just screams out who they are.
There's crazy Dino-boy, the sweet Princess, the easy going Wee Man and the giggling Monkey. I adore this bunch!

We got through Christmas with a bad case of the stomach flu. We all got hit one by one. Six days of vomit. Ick! But we got through.
We spent Christmas Eve and Day at my parents' house. I got this picture of my mom and Wee Man. I love it. I'm so grateful she was well enough to enjoy our celebration together.
My boys and I.

Yes, I have Prima flowers in my hair. It was the most creative thing I've been able to do in weeks. I got a Slice Elite from my parents. I'm hoping to find the time to play with it soon.
Until next time...

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SusieJ said...

Your boys are so cute Jen and you're looking good too.
Sue xx