Sunday, March 9, 2008

Monkey is one year old.
Monkey is 12 months old.
Monkey is 52 weeks old.
Monkey has lived one full year.

May I cry now?

I am so proud of my little monkey man. I can't remember what life was like without him. Even though I am still physically healing from having him and all the problems afterwards, I look at him today and am filled with love. He's smart, kind, curious and a bundle of energy.

**Blogger isn't letting me upload pictures, so I will try to post one later of Monkey and his birthday fun**
Until next time...

**This is an edited post. I had originally written monkey is 24 months old. I am a knob. What can I say? I was rushing through the post so I could go decorate the birthday cake. Lesson learned...Rushing leads to not thinking straight or proof-reading. Feel free to laugh at me. Really. Go ahead. I don't mind. I'm laughing at myself too.**


Tiersa McQueen said...

Happy birthday to your little man! My daughter will be turning one in just a few months. That time flew by, didn't it?

Anonymous said...

Dont you hate when blogger has glitches !? Im a fellow bad girl too , im joining Jeni's bad girls unite bloggers ! I will add you to my list :) Love your header on your blog ! I need to figure out how to do mine ! lol ....
Have a great week :)
Jenn ( ScrappinDiva )

Bethany Kartchner said...

Happy Birthday! That is very exciting!

C70 said...

Happy birthday to your little man! Looking forward to those photos!


pepsigirl said...

I love my kids' birthdays, but I'm always a little sad....the time just FLIES!!! Enjoy it while it lasts ;)