Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Just a few hours ago I was so tired that I poured apple juice into my coffee thinking it was my Caramel Vanilla Coffee Mate. Only after I poured did I realize what I had done. After laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants, I vowed to make a morning bathroom stop before getting my coffee from now on. I'm hoping that will prevent any pouring blunders in the future; but if one should slip by, then hopefully I won't be praying for any other mishaps.

I realized this morning, after a new coffee was made and consumed, I haven't blogged in a while. I didn't mean to lack in the blogging category. I suppose I've just been too busy. Helping out my mother and with Monkey's birthday.

I'm still dealing with the fact that Monkey is two. He's offically a toddler. I refused to call him a toddler throughout the past year. To me, a toddler is a two-year-old. I might be wrong, but I didn't want my baby to be anything but a baby. Now I'm forced to agree he is no longer a little baby, but a big boy in training. He's rocking the potty training and is almost ready to graduate from his sippy cup. He eats with his fork and spoon (most of the time) and can get through most meals sans bib (unless it's really messy). He used normal crayons (not those huge, chunky ones) and, under extreme supervision, can use markers nicely. He's figured out how to undress and can be found taking off his pants, socks and shirts all the time; unless I put him into a button down shirt. He can't work buttons yet. Just zippers and snaps. Speaking of the devil...He just wondered by with his overalls around his ankles. I will have to post a ipcture of that soon.

Monkey's birthday star cupcakes. This is the first time cupcakes made by me have looked kinda good. They tasted good.

Just like last year, Monkey dug into the frosting before we served.

When a fork just isn't good enough...Use your tongue!

Present time! Even with new toys just a tear away, Sticks, the stuffed dog, is still close by.

And a few days after the actual birthday, Monkey got a Thomas cake, homebaked by Grandma. And a ton of presents followed the yummy cake.

And now, a couple of layouts to share. Both were done for the Bad Girls Kits tote bag challenge.
"Why do I love BEING A GIRL? Because I get to be your mom. And that's pretty special." I didn't plan this one out at all. I just went with the flow and came up with this. And I love it! I've been waiting for the perfect LO to use this picture. And I will use it again since I printed it out three times; in three different tones. This one is in a pink tone. I also have a blue tone and a sepia tone.

I forget how I came across this picture. I found it the same day I made this layout. I remember taking the picture. It was taken with my cell phone. I was all dolled up for work while very pregnant. I think this is one of my fave layouts right now.

Until next time...(hopefully by Friday anyways!)

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Tara said...

Great layouts Jen. It's hard when they have a birthday. It doesn't get any easier either. :)