Monday, April 6, 2009

Cool & Cold

Dude! I won! How cool is that?
Look here.
Thank you, Tara!!!!
Also, I woke up to snow this morning. It's still snowing right now. I thought Spring was here! Yesterday, Monkey wore a sweater outside. Today, I have to find his mittens. I really don't remember where I put them. That's what I get for not putting them back with his coat after I washed it.
He has the cutest little bear jacket my mother bought for him last year. It's beige. Boys and beige don't mix well. Heck, toddlers and beige don't mix well. We got through many months with this gorgeous coat staying nice and beige. And then I let Monkey have chocolate milk durning an outing. When we got home, Monkey and his lovely jacket were spotted brown. He looked more like a brown and beige cow than a cuddly teddy bear. So, into the wash the jacket went. It came out just as gorgeous as it was before the milk spills. I know I put away Monkey's mittens then, but don't know where I put them now. I hunting I shall go.
The crop over at weScrap was good. I didn't get any of the challenges done myself. But I can always play later. I did posted two challenges and a game.

I did this layout for a painting with flowers challenge. The pictures are from last Spring. I was lost on how to scrap them since they looked so girly to me. Then it hit me. Just do a girly-ish layout. I love how it turned out.
I also did a Stash Spring Cleaning. I have been trying to use up my old stash to make room for some new. I've been obessed with Sassafras Lass over the past few months. Almost all my huge stash of Sass is almost gone. Thank goodness for the paper pack of Hog Heaven I found at Micheals. That'll keep me going. This layout was inspired by the owl. He started my page.
And my game was to guess how many flower petals are in the jar. Steve and I sat down one night to plucked and count daisy petals. Guess he really does love me. I'm not going to post the amount here yet. I have yet to announce it at weScrap.

Until next time....


Bethany Kartchner said...

What awesome designs! I love your style!

Pam said...

Gorgeous LOs-love the helper one especially!