Friday, April 24, 2009

Fave Friday once more

It's that time of the week again.

Thank you to the girls at Bad Girls for reminding me about Fave Friday. I would have forgotten again.

1. Soap & Glory products. Most of these I can use. Very mild. And they're packaging is too adorable!

2. Speaking of skin products...I also love Dirty Girl products.
3. Let's keep on the beauty faves train.
Next up is Nars lip gloss. Only the bestest lip gloss around; in my opinion. It's smooth, colourful and not yicky sticky. My fave shades are Chihuahua and Dolce Vita.
4. Too Faced cosmetics also rock. Adorable, inspiring packaging and awesome products inside. I love my lash injection mascara and my magic wand foundation.
5. Nivea Visage aqua sensation moisturizer. This is the best stuff I have tried. My skin is very sensitive and a little dry. Many moisturizers either dry me out more or leave me with rashy, blotchy skin. This one works beautifully!

And with that being said and done, I am going to go hunt down pictures to go along with my awesome Bad Girls April kit that arrived at my door this morning. Love it already and I haven't even played yet.

Until next time...


Kaytee said...

I love Nivea! I have really dry skin and a lot of products irritate me easily but not Nivea! Nice Fives!

pink4u said...

I love your Faves...I am going to have to check them out..Love the Dirty Girls name!!(hehee)
Where can you get Nars lipgloss at?
Happy Weekend!!