Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lazy Tuesday

How's your little corner of the world looking today?

Mine's dark and yucky. It's not raining like yesterday...Yet. There are some dark clouds rolling in. Making me wish for the beautiful warm-ish weather we had last week. Now I wish I would have taken more pictures last week so I would have something to scrap. Lately I haven't been digging my picture supply. If feels like I've scrapped every good and some not so good picture I have. I must figure out how to use up my other pictures; or I should have a few photo shoots with some family members.

Yesterday, my mom, Monkey and I went all the way to Mississauga (about two hours away) to pick up Monkey's big boy bed. It was a looonnng day! We got the bed first. Once it was safely in the van, we cruised the Erin Mills Mall. Had a fabo Asian noodle dish for lunch. Monkey had just noodles with black pepper. He ate almost the whole plate full. He's my noodle lover. Wish I had my camera because it would have made a super cute layout. Monkey also saw a fire truck stroller the mall offers. He loved it and wanted to play in it. We had to ~try~ to explain it is not our fire truck and we couldn't just play with it. He was not happy. Then we past the part of the mall that offers these fire trucks. Well, Monkey saw them and once again, wanted to play. He was strapped in his not-so-cool-next-to-the-fire-trucks orange stroller, so I just pushed him away. My mom got a kick out of Monkey's complaining. He didn't cry. He didn't scream. He didn't make a scene. He just sat there and muttered quietly in his little jibberish. "Jibberish-jibberish-jibberish-fire-truck-jibberish. Jibberish-fire-truck-jibberish-jibberish." Over and over again with the occassional arm wave and head shake. Next time...I get him a fire truck.
I also got to go into Osh-kosh. I ~heart~ Osh'kosh. There is nothing like a little boy in Osh'kosh overalls. Just too cute. And that's what Monkey got. A pair of denim overall shorts for the summer. Monkey has always had overalls, ever since he was a newborn. And I hardly have a picture of any of them. Monkey loved the play area Osh'kosh had set up. He tried making friends with the staff too. One lady was all about selling. If I looked at one thing for a half second, she was shouting out the price at me like we were at a market or something. She bugged me. Another one would all but run and had a look of sheer terror on her face when Monkey would run up to her to say hi. If she doesn't like kids, she needs a new job. Working in a kid's clothing store is not for her. The other just smiled at Monkey.

I got to go into Michaels! I walked out of there with nothing! I'm still a little shocked. And they had Prima on sale! I don't know how I did it. I didn't have a coupon. I think that helped.

Today, Monkey and I are having a hard time to get moving. I'm still working on my morning coffee and Monkey isn't dressed. There's a picture of him and my living room in its current state. Yes, that's a potty in front of Monkey. I'm not sure why he dragged it there. We've wasted the morning away, but after our busy day yesterday, I think it's well deserved. I was expecting a package this morning. My tracking number said it was out for delivery this morning, but no mail lady has been by. I wonder if it'll be here this afternoon with the letter mail man instead. Yes, we have two mail people. One's who do packages in the morning (early morning! Between 7-9am) and then another mail man who does letters, bills and magazines. He has sometimes deliveried packages small enough to fit in our mailbox. Maybe he has it. Or I'm going to have to make some phone calls....

Until next time...

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Rebecca said...

I want the fire truck too! Sounds very cute. And I agree about the overalls. In fact, I had a pair when I was little, the blue and white train engineer style. I think they look so cute on little girls and boys.