Friday, July 3, 2009

Early Morning Post

Before I get into my faves for this Friday, I have a So Sketchy post to share.

This sketch was super fun. Check it out here. I knew I wanted a super fun picture to go along with it. Monkey on his new bright Thomas Trike with his bright helmet seemed perfect. And Lime Rickey from Basic Grey is just too fun. I love this line!

I'm not happy with how the title came out. It come out as I had saw it in my head. But I decided to work on it while rushed (even though I did have time later on) and Monkey was "helping" me at my desk. I'm not good with placing rub-ons and keeping an eye on a toddler. Heck, that's how I chopped off a part of my finger earlier this year! Trying to keep an eye on the toddler while chopping chocolate. I've learned the hard way.

Now on to the faves!

1. Early mornings. Steve's gone to work. Monkey's still asleep (I am blessed with a child who goes to bed at 8pm without complait (he'll put his self to bed if we don't) and he sleeps a wonderful 11 and a half hours to 13 hours. He only wakes up if he falls out of bed, had a bad dream or popped his (disgusting) soother out of his mouth and can't find it. I don't like that thing at all! And I've gotten right off topic here)....I am up. I have my coffee. All is quiet. All is calm. All almost sounds like Slient Night. I very much enjoy checking my favourite sites at this time. If I'm done with the net before Monkey gets up, I head over to my scrap desk for a little more quiet time.

2. Basic Grey Woolies. Have you seen these darling little things yet? I've got these ones, they arrived at my door yesterday. So stinkin' cute! I adore them! Now, am I going to hoard these little wonderfuls like I have my beloved Sass felties? Maybe. Maybe I should challenge myself to use a feltie or two and use a woolie or two.

3. St Ives Intensive Healing Lotion. This stuff is amazing! I'm not sure if it was the Cancer Clinic, or someone from the health seminar for cancer patients, who told my mother to use this lotion on her skin. They claimed it was the best for her radiation zapped skin. She raved about it. I tried it on already lotioned skin. It seemed fine. Yesterday, however, I used it on skin so dry it was almost cracking. It worked like a charm! I have extremely sensitive, dry skin. My skin, without the use of daily lotion, will dry out to the point of cracking and bleeding. I love this lotion! I'm buying myself a bottle as soon as I can.

4. Little Notepads. I know, it might sound weird, but it's true. I absolutely love little notepads. I have two on my fridge. I have, at least, three in different purses. I have two in my scrappy area. I have a few in my bedroom, waiting to be used. I have some in my closet, also waiting to be used. I have them everywhere. I use them to jot down ideas and inspration, to make lists, to write out plans...Anything and everything. I just don't feel right without my little notepads.
5. Little Monkeys who use the big people potty at Coffee Culture. Okay. Not really a fave, but a pretty proud moment. Monkey has taken a turn lately with potty training. We can sit him on the potty for hours and he won't go. He'll wait until he's back in his training pants and then go. Yesterday, while we were at Coffee Culture, Monkey declared potty. I rushed him into the large stall in the woman's restroom. He protested as I held him up on the tall throne. I told him he could pick out his own potty prize at the store next door if he went for me. That was all he needed to do a #1 AND #2 is that huge potty. He proudly picked out a bag of Cracker Jacks at the Mac's next door. And gave the sticker prize to his aunt. Monkey, for whatever reason, doesn't like stickers.

(note: Not my baby; not my toilet. Just a picture I found online. Cute, isn't it?)

Until next time....


Jill said...

OMG those Woolies are super cute! And YAY for potty training! Congrats to the Monkey!

Hayley G said...

Woolies are the shizzle! I'm itching to use them. Love your blog and can't wait to come back.

Kaytee said...

Aww congrats to Monkey for using the big potty!!! I bet you were so proud! I am going to have to check out the woolies!