Friday, July 10, 2009

Whoo hoo! Friday!

Friday is finally here.

My best friend was suppost to be coming down for a visit next week, but it looks like she has to cancel. As sucky as that is; she has a great reason. A fantastic position opened up at her work place and she's submitted her resume. It looks like they'll be interviewing next week for the position. I miss her, but I know this is a once in a lifetime chance. My fingers are crossed for her. And there will be other visits in the future.

Thinking of my best friend made me think about my childhood. We met years and years and years ago in kindergarden. Although I was from a military family and moved around, she and I managed to remain friends. If there's anyone outside my family I can go to when in need, it's her. I love her dearly.

My faves are from my childhood this week:

1. Skip It. Oh, how I loved my Skip It! I got one when I was five or six. I continued to get one every year until I was ten. I used and abused my Skip Its so badly they never lasted longer than a year.

2. Cabbage Patch Kids. I still have mine. Her name is Gabby. She has brown hair, brown eyes and is still in her orginal outfit. She has long lost her diaper, shoes and birth certificate. Still pretty good concerning I got her for my third birthday. I would have taken a picture of her, but she's currently stored in a box until I have someplace to display her.

3. Rainbow Bright. I had all the dolls! And the stuffie of the horse and sprite, Twink. My mother sewed me a Rainbow Bright costume for my first Halloween trick or treating. I also wore it for my second.

4. My Dad's Corvette. My parents were cool. We had a new Mazda, a Honda motorcycle (can't remember what model...Will have to ask Dad) and a cool Corvette hardtop convertable with side pipes. It was chocolate brown with a gold eagle painted on the hood. I don't have any pictures of it myself, or I would post one. My parents have all those pictures. The picture I found online was the closest thing I could find.

5. Do you remember jelly shoes? Gosh, I lived in them every summer as a kid. They gave my blisters, they would cut into the sides of my feet. But I always wore them.

What are some of your childhood faves?

Until next time...


Gine said...

Great fives jen
Have a wonderful weekend =)

Kaytee said...

OMG I was obsessed with my skip it! I do still have it somewhere! I still love Rainbow Brite. Jelly shoes tried to make a come back recently I think but I used to have so many of them!

Jill said...

I loved jelly shoes! I was so glad that I found my Caity some! I used to love the Wuzzles as well. Strawberry Shortcake... the Snorks... The Smurfs! Ahhh the memories.

pink4u said...

I loved my Jelly shoes...I had pearl white pumps!! They were my favorite...I would wear them out dancing!! LOL!!

I remember paper dolls...loved them!!
Take care!!
Joanie :)

Jill said...

I love the look of your blog -- great renovation! As for childhood toys, I was a CPK mama. I still remember her name -- Kammy Georgiana. Ha!