Thursday, July 15, 2010

Deal for Pregnant Women!

I came across an awesome deal today for pregnant women who are planning on breastfeeding. Or it could be an awesome gift for a pregnant friend who is planning on breastfeeding.

Check out Udder Covers. Pick out the cover you want and when you're checking out type in "onefree." You just pay for shipping; $9.95. Which is high for shipping, but when that's all you're paying it's not too bad.

I ordered mine today! I have a cover from Monkey, but deemed this a good deal and couldn't resist getting another one. Plus the one I'm getting is cuter than the one I already have.
This is the one I ordered.

Update on Steve: He's resting right now. It looks like he's trying to hide a baseball in his ankle. It's so swollen. The radiaologist was not in last night, just the tech. Steve's foot is fractured. He can walk, but was told to stay off it. We're awaiting the radiaologist's call today to find out what type of cast Steve will be getting.

Steve's weekend of paintball has been canceled. He's also home with Monkey and I today.

Until next time...


SusieJ said...

Great deal Jen!
Poor Steve - sparkles for his foot.
Enjoy having him home.
Sue xx

Allison Cope said...

That's kinda cool Jen! Never would have thought.. such a simple pattern too!

Stephannie said...

Thanks Jen. I ordered the same one! :)