Monday, July 5, 2010

More Reasons to Hold my Camera

Over at WeScrap there's a Fabulous Photo Contest going on. Every day for the month, a new prompt will be posted. Everyone has 48 hours to produce a new picture that was inspired by the prompt. So far the prompts have been pictures, but they might be other things to get the old brain whirling.

I'm playing along. I'm hoping this contest will make me think out of the box and force me to work on my photography skills. I'll never be an amazing photographer, nor do I aspire to be; I just want to be able to take a decent picture.
Ever since I took up scrapbooking, about two and a half years ago, I've changed the way I take pictures. I notice the background more. I pay attention to lighting. I pose my subjects on occasion with a certain shot in mind (although I prefer candid pictures caught at just the right time. I enjoy capturing the moment more than the subject sometimes). I'm hoping this contest will fine tune those little details we sometimes forget about. And I love my camera (although it's just a point and shoot). The more reasons I have to have it attached to my hands the better.
Yesterday's prompt was a picture of red, white and blue flowers. Since I'm not American, I decided to look past the colours. I have some pretty daisys I got the day before. I decided to grab them and do a stop-and-smell-the-flowers picture.
This is the picture I submitted...
My little Monkey loves flowers! He helps me water the ones out on the deck. He likes to pick them out in the store. And every afternoon spent outside, he picks me a buttercup or two. I didn't have to ask twice to get him to smell these pretty ones. The afternoon sun through our huge window doors is amazing. Perfect lighting for my picture. Now I wish I gave some thought to Monkey's clothing. Oh well.
Here are two more shots I liked from the bunch I took...
Monkey fussing with the flowers. Getting them just so. Told you he likes flowers.
Had to include the newest member of the family in this little photo shoot too. Curious kitty couldn't stop sniffing the flowers. I think he liked them. I wonder if he'd like the yellow ones I have in a pot outside. They have pretty purple centers.
Until next time...

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SusieJ said...

Great photos Jen! This challenge is certainly getting me to use my camera more.
Sue xx