Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Trying to stay up

I slowly get ready for bed around 10pm most nights. It's normally around 11-11:30 by the time Steve and I have finally gotten ready, turned off the lights and stopped talking. I'm horrible for hardly saying a word after Monkey goes down until Steve turns off the light. Then I become a chatterbox. Steve's been known to fall asleep with me still talking.
Tonight's different.
Tonight, I am forcing myself to stay up.
Steve came home after baseball asking me to call my parents. I asked questions on the way to the phone. He slid into a base, heard sometime pop and then felt the pain. The medic on site thinks it's a possible fracture. He can walk on it; but he could also walk when he broke his leg around four years ago.
My mom was going to come over to watch over Monkey, but my dad said no. He came over to take Steve to the hospital so I wouldn't have to be there myself.
I'm now awaiting their return. They've only been gone for an hour, so it might be a long night.
It's a hospital week for our family. My grandmother went into the hospital yesterday. Steve today. And my mother will be at one tomorrow. Grandma fainted and hit her head on the way down. From what I hear, she's going better, but for how long? Steve, just a trip in to see if his ankle is broken or what. Mom is going in for a brain scan. She's been complainning about headaches for a couple of months now. Since she's had lung cancer, her doctors are taking no chances. She's getting the scan to rule out the possibility of brain cancer.
What a downer post!
Postive side of things...Baby Nugget is growing well. I was getting horrible leg cramps, but my doctor gave me calcium pills to take before bed at night. Two nights down without a cramp. Yay!

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SusieJ said...

Lots of hugs and sparkles to you all. Thinking of you.
Sue xx