Saturday, January 8, 2011

Project Life Saturday

I've decided to set up my Project Life in order of the calendar year. So it's set up Saturday to Friday since the first was a Saturday this year.
Here's the story of our lives, in picture form:

 01/01 We were playing with a Santa Mr Potato Head. Steve decided he liked the hat.

01/02 Nothing like a nice, relaxing day to pull out some new toys to play with. 

 01/03 Lately these little monkeys have been enjoying my bed. Monkey Man loves my cozy, fuzzy pj pants. He said they make a good pillow. Looks like Wee Man agrees.

01/04 I've started putting on Baby Einstein DVDs sometimes for the boys. It gives me 20 mins of free time to get dishes or, like this morning, laundry done. 

01/05 Blue's Clues! We had the tv off all morning. When I finally turned it on, we were surprised, and happy, to see Blue. It's one of Monkey's favourite shows. 

01/06 Wee Man has always hated tummy time. From 2 months of age, he'd just roll onto his back. He can now roll onto his tummy too; it changed his mind on tummy time.  

01/07 Fuzzy Sock Day! I put on socks for the first time this week. Normally I just run around in my new slippers.

I have inserted a 6x12 photo protector for this week in my album. I've added a 4x6 journaling card and will be adding 5 pictures from Wee Man's first try of rice cereal.. I would add the extra pictures here, but Blogger is getting on my nerves. Maybe next week I'll add a picture of the insert. 

Until next time...

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SusieJ said...

Beautiful photos Jen (esp. love the cute Santa hat - lol!)
Your boys are gorgeous and that little one has the most amazing eyes. :)
Sue xx