Monday, January 17, 2011

Working on Sleep

Wee Man is not the best sleeper. He's better than his older brother was in amount; but Wee Man prefers to sleep in someone's arms than his bed...Or his chair...Or his swing...
We got him used to his bed for nighttime fast. He was fine with sleeping there in the peaceful dark until his next feeding or diaper change. Unfortunatly, during the day, there were many, many days I could not put him down. As soon as I did, he'd wake up and cry.

Look how peaceful my sweet boy is at night. All swaddled up in his purple elephant recieving blanket. It's huge! My mom made me some large blankets when I had Monkey. So glad I kept them. Monkey didn't like being swaddled, so these were blankies to play on. Now they're swaddling blankies for Wee Man. The apple blankie is from Whimzee Baby. I love this blankie!

During the day, swaddled or not, Wee Man just does not like his bed. He prefers mine:

Or his big brother's:
(gotta love the custom Thomas sheets with the Cars pillow)

Of course, that doesn't mean he likes to sleep in those beds. He just has more fun playing on them.

Last week, we purchased a Sleep Sheep.
We're hoping this little guy helps our little guy nap better.
I'll admit, I was horrible at remembering to use the Sleep Sheep last week. Yesterday, I grabbed it when Wee Man was looking tired. I had it on as I rocked my sweet one to sleep. I was able to put him down in his bed, with the Sheep still going. He napped for an hour!
Today is Day 2 of Sleep Sheep napping. 30 mins into napping and all is good.
I think he likes it.

Until next time....

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SusieJ said...

He's so cute Jen! And I can't believe how he's growing.
Hope the sleep sheep works for you.
Sue xx