Saturday, January 15, 2011

Project Life Saturday

Here's another week of pictures. So far, I've managed to get at least one picture a day, but I know there will be missed days in the future at some point. I'm okay with that though.

01/ 08 Hockey Night at our house. Steve proudly wearing the jersey I got him for Christmas, while Monkey plays with his beloved trains.

01/09 Cheeky Monkey...He distroyed his foam ship piece by piece. Good thing my sister was around. She's the only one who knows how to put it back together again. 

01/10 Today I started my 6th week with Weight Watchers. I've dropped 18lbs so far. I'm very proud of myself and can't wait to say I've lost more.  

01/11 Wee Man has appointment after appointment after appointment...He was born with a slight birth defect which might have to lead to an operation. He's going in for an ultrasound in the upcoming week to check his liver, bladder and kidneys. Then we'll be booked to see a specialist in Hamilton who will decide if my tiny baby needs to go under the knife. I'm hoping for a no.  

01/12 My mom and sister whip through after Monkey came home from pre-school. They stole him for an overnighter. It's so quiet in the house when my Monkey is gone.  

01/13 Wee Man all bundled up, and looking oh so cute, ready to go pick up Monkey from Grandma's house. 

01/14 Shopping at "the food store," as Monkey says.

I was going to share how I set up Wee Man's first taste of rice cereal in my album, but I don't have my pictures yet. I sent them to Walmart to print. I had asked Steve to pick them up. He suggested a shopping day for today and to pick them up while we were in town. I had no idea we would get a bunch of snow today. So Walmart still has my pictures. Hopefully Steve will pick them up this up week.

And now I have one layout to share. Just one. How sad. I need to figure out how to get in more scrapping time. I miss it so much. I need to sleep train a certain tiny boy. Teach him that sleeping in his bed is just as nice as sleeping in Mommy's arms.

See? Sleeping in Mommy's arms.
I've been hoarding these Sassafras papers just for Wee Man layouts. They're perfect for tiny baby layouts. Now I just need to use more of them. I also have Nerdy Bird hoarded away for Wee Man layouts. I think I'll break into that pile today if I get the chance to.

Until next time...

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SusieJ said...

Loving the photos Jen and that LO is awesome - the papers are indeed perfect!
Sue xx
p.s. good luck with the sleep training.