Friday, February 29, 2008

Bad Girls Bloggers Unite

As I have mentioned many, many times now, I love my new scrapbooking hobby. I’ve been getting a monthly kit from Bad Girls since November. I love, love, love, love these kits. They’re always filled to the brim with gorgeous papers, pretty ribbon, fancy flowers and other to die for embellishments and unique finds. Wendy, the gal behind it all, does a marvellous job at keeping it interesting and exciting month and month.
There is so much more to this beautiful kit. At the website, there is forum full of friendly, chatty ladies to talk scrap with and more. I enjoy chatting with them and even just seeing what everyone else has to say. There is also a gallery full of beautiful work. These ladies sure know how to scrap to perfection. The design team is extremely talented too. I hope to learn so much from these gals.
When I first registered, I didn’t post anything. I just browsed the luscious gallery. I’ve opened up since.
On the right, you’ll notice a list of Bad Girls who blog. Jeni had a marvellous idea to swap blog links so we can read and comment on each other’s blogs. I figure I might as well play along since I’m always poking my nose around their blogs anyways. Many of them feature their art work on their blogs. I don’t, but can’t say I never will. I post a few of my layouts on the Bad Girls gallery. I lack in comparison to most, but I’m new at this and will learn. I also have an album going on my Facebook account. I don’t really feel like posting here too. For now.
Knowing some of these awesome bloggers will be snooping around here more often just might inspire me to write more.
Until next time…

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Tiersa McQueen said...

Great blog! I should right a post about BGBU as well. . .