Monday, February 25, 2008

TV and Words

I don’t watch too much TV anymore. It’s on for background noise more than anything else. Even as I type this right now, the TV is on. It’s watching me.
I watch a few shows throughout the week, but if I do miss the show, it’s no big deal.
I like watching Degrassi: The Next Generation (I love it when the show is about one of the old school Degrassi gang. I grew up watching them), Jon and Kate Plus Eight (my guilty pleasure show. I love watching this family grow) and The Rachael Ray Show. Even monkey loves watching Rachael Ray. If we watch the show in the basement, he gets right up to the TV and tries to take Rachael out of the TV. He enjoys watching the cooking portion of the show more than anything else.
Monkey has a few shows he enjoys watching too. Almost every day, we watch Hi-Five. Monkey loves dancing to the music. It’s hilarious when he tries to copy their dance moves! He used to really enjoy Peep and the Big Wide World. But not so much anymore. He likes Arthur, Wonder Pets and Tumbleweed Tales (I think that’s what it’s called). Other than that, he is like me; TV is background noise.
A few days ago, monkey had me laughing so hard. He loves to play with remotes. I put them so he can’t change the channel or the settings and let him push buttons. He thinks when he pushes the buttons he’s changing the picture on the TV. The TV was off a few days ago when monkey grabbed the remote. He turned to look at the TV and pressed a few buttons. When nothing happened he looked at me, said “gone,” dropped the remote and walked away.
“Gone” has been the word of the day for the past few days. If he drops his soother, it’s gone. If he finishes all his food, it’s gone. If he drops his food for the dogs to eat, it’s gone. If he can’t find a toy, it’s gone. When he’s done with a book, it’s gone. Sometimes I get an “all gone” out of him. It’s not a new word. He said gone before he said mama. It’s just a word he’s hooked on at the moment. I never thought I would say this, but it’s a nice break from mama. He spent a month babbling mama over and over and over again.
He calls Steve “good kitty” most of the time. I wonder if monkey will actually call Steve dada while he’s here in two weeks. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
Until next time.

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