Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Kiss is Still a Kiss

Steve’s coming home! Steve’s coming home!
Even if it is only for two weeks…He’s coming home!!!!!!!
He won’t tell me when he’ll be here exactly. Just that he will be here. He gave me a bit of a hint in an email today, but it was still pretty vague. He said there are only a single digit amount of days until he can hold me in his arms again. Nine or less more days!
I know flights are cheaper mid-week on average, so I would guess he’ll be stepping on Canadian soil in about a week. I don’t know when he’ll be here. His father is picking him up at the airport.
All I know is he will for sure be here for monkey man’s birthday on the 9th. I can’t see him missing his son’s first birthday.
I think it’s a little exciting Steve wants to surprise me. It would be better if he could completely throw me off, but that’s near impossible. I know he’s coming home because we planned for it before he left for Australia. I know he has his plane ticket because we talked about where money is going. I know he had an appointment with a travel agent because he told me. I might know roughly when he’s flying home because it’s a twenty-three hour flight (on average) and I won’t get my daily email. Yep; we email each other every day. Other than a week or two when he first left, we have always had daily communication. Even when we were just friends. I guess a blind man could see what was there before I did. He’s one of my best friends. Why wouldn’t we talk every chance we got?
I might guess he’s either in the air or in Canada on Friday and Saturday if he’s not online for our bi-weekly video chat (much cheaper than a phone call and comforting to see each other’s faces).
See…It’s hard for him to completely surprise me.
It can be hard to surprise me period. I always need to know everything as soon as it happens. This is the exact reason I used to be a reporter. It’s not that I’m always interested. I just have to be in the loop. I have to know.
I’m sure people regret telling me they have a surprise for me. I poke and prod them for hints and information. I pout and mope when I don’t get the answers I’m looking for. I make guesses and start bugging other people who might know for information. I don’t sleep much and the thought of the surprise completely takes control until I’ve figured it out.
Steve tried to surprise me for my birthday last year. I have to admit, he did a good job. He took me to Medieval Times. I had it on my list of possibilities. As soon as we got to Toronto, I knew. I acted along for his sake until we got there. Doesn’t really matter that I figured it out. I was, and still am, so happy he took me. I had been wanting to go for years upon years. He made a wish come true and I loved it. Too bad it was also the first time I had ever left monkey behind. I spent the whole day worrying about him and calling home to check up on him.
So, in nine or less days (my guess is five days, for now), I get to see my beloved again. I can’t wait. It’s been five months since I saw him last.
I feel like a schoolgirl anticipating her first kiss. LOL
Ack! Computer lingo in my blog! And I swore I wouldn’t use it.
Until next time...

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