Friday, May 29, 2009

5 Sickie Faves

Happy Friday!

I've been sick with the flu for a few days now. So let me start of this week's faves with:

1. Tylenol Cold & Flu meds have been a must have over these last few days. They keep me upright.
2. Tetley Peppermint Tea. Oh, how I love tea when I'm not feeling well. Peppermint tea being my fave.3. Popcorn is a fave snack in this household. Everyone loves it. I don't like my popcorn soaked in butter. I like a light buttery taste and found that Orville Smart Pop is the perfect microwavable popcorn for me.
4. Water, water and more water. I drink water daily, but when I'm not feeling well, I drink more. You need fluids when sick, right. Water is calorie free, goes down easily and is free when it comes from the tap.

5. Little boys who let their sick mother play dress up. I love my son!

And now I must go pack. Monkey and I are spending the weekend with my mother. My dad and sister are gone for the weekend; and Steve's going to play paintball this weekend. Mom and I decided to spend our alone weekend together.

Until next time...


Aeify said...

Congrats on the weekend with your mom and glad to hear you're feeling better! Love the new blog header too!!!

Kaytee said...

I am not feeling well either. Love your fives. That picture of the water is making me extremely thirsty LOL.