Friday, May 8, 2009

Not this week; Next week...

No Fave Five Friday here today. I'm just not feeling up to it this week. Check back next week.

This past week (since last Friday) has been a little crazy. Looking back at the week, I think I'm old and silly to have been worn out so much. But I have been. And it's not stopping. We have a full weekend planned and I have some work to do next week.

But as much as I complain; I truly enjoy being busy. And next week I am cleaning out and organizing all the closets. It's a big task to take on. But they need it. All our closets are just stuffed with junk. With a little cleaning out, organizing and storing wisely I am positive I can reclaim those darn closets. We must remember we own the closets; they don't own us.

And now I am going to take my lovely vanilla flavoured coffee over to my desk where I am going to play with my lovely prize from Tara. I ~heart~ the new Chatterbox goodies! So darn pretty. A line I didn't think I could use, but now love it to pieces.

Until next time...

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