Saturday, May 30, 2009

Picture Day

Today turned into Picture Satuday.
Monkey and I are hanging out at Mom's for the weekend. With everyone being gone and Mom still not feel too well, it made sense to stay with her.
I pulled out my camera so I could join in the photo challenge at weScrap; I didn't put it down for over an hour. I decided to play with the manual settings of my camera. It's about time I learn how to use it. I am pretty pleased with most of the pictures I got. Some were stinkers, but here are a few I really like:
Monkey and I played around with the chrome on Dad's truck bumper. I digitally removed the colours other than for Monkey and I.
I know I did something wrong with this one. It's over exposed. And yet for some reason, I like it. A lot.

Here's Monkey and I playing with his reflection in the garage door window. The red car is actually inside the garage and Monkey's outside on the grass. I don't like how it kinda looks like a flash in the window. I didn't use a flash. I caught Dad's motorcycle mirror in the shot.

I just thought this was a pretty picture of Kitty. He was getting a little annoyed with me following him around.

I had been trying to get Monkey to smell the flowers. I was unsuccussful, so Mom jumped in. I don't think she wanted to be photographed, but I think it turned out lovely.

This is the front of Mom and Dad's house. I love the rays of sun caught in the window. This was taken to be part of the photo challenge.

This is the other shot I took for the photo challenge. Mom's complaint? I didn't wait until she had plants in her pots.
I had fun; I learnt; and I had to clear my memory card once; and I drained two sets of batteries.
Until next time....


Jill said...

I love the photo of your kitty amongst the weeds/flowers/dandelions (not sure what they are, but they're PERFECT in this pic)!

Lori said...

Great photos! I love the effect of the bumper one!