Monday, April 19, 2010

In Love!

I am in love with cinnamon apple muffins!
I was looking at the mountian of apples I had in my fruit bowl one morning and decided I had to make muffins with them. I was sick of toast every morning; and pregnancy brain has already started. It doesn't matter how many trips I make to the grocery store; I still manage to forget I want bagels or cereal or something other than bread!

I set out looking for a recipe online of which I already had all the ingredients for. This is the one I tried out. It's not bad. Not bad at all. I almost followed the whole recipe. I put in less salt (just a tiny pinch) and I didn't use as much butter.

We liked them. But right away Steve and I started talking about how to change them up.

Last night, I made them again, ala Steve and Jen's way. First I added more cinnamon to the muffin base. One teaspoon from the recipe just wasn't cutting it. I doubled it. Then for the crumbly topping, I cut the sugar a little and bumpt up the cinnamon again. Can you tell we like cinnamon? I added nutmeg to the topping (and will have to try it in the base someday too). And, like last time, I cut the amount of butter. I'm not too sure how much butter I used. Just enough to put on the muffins. I had topping mix (sans butter) leftover both times.

Next time, I want to add some rolled oats (not instant) to the topping and see how that turns out.

Steve is highly addicted to these muffins. He takes one to work for breakfast. And another one for a snack later on. If he doesn't take that second one, he has one in the evening while watching tv. Monkey likes them too. He calls them donuts though. I let myself have one, but not every day.

Until next time...

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SMacJohnson said...

Can I have the recipe? Please? :)