Monday, April 12, 2010

Owie Monkey Morning

Boys are tough. Boys are rough and tumble. And my Monkey Man is no different. (note: I know girls can be like this too. It's not just boys.)
Today, my Monkey was running around the house like he always does. He misjudged a turn. The kitchen counter is, unfortunatly, at eye socking level for my little dude. He caught his self in the left eye, cumbling into a screaming ball on the floor. A few hugs, kisses and Nemo cold press later he was back to running around the house.
He's got a slight black eye. Nothing major. He's gone through worse. He'll go through worse in the future.
It still stung my heart a little to watch my little man hold the cold press to his eye, declaring "I hurted me, Mommy."


Aphra said...

That's a shiner alright! My little monkey does the same thing. I've got to check out those Nemo cold presses...we use frozen peas but yours look a lot mroe fun. :)

Allison Cope said...

OUCH! Hope your monkey man feels better!