Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Watch Making

I have a horrible headache, a throat so sore I don't want to shallow and a nose so stuffed up I can't smell or breath through it. But I have found the energy to finally do up the watches I purchased in December.

I bought one for myself, my sister and mother. December was a blur. I meant to have the watches put together, but I ended up giving my sister and mother their's in pieces. I took them back with the promise I would work on them.

It became a joke that I would have them done by their birthdays.

Well, mom's was at the beginning of the month and my sister's is in two weeks. I'll have to tell them I took the joke too literally.

I love how these turned out.
Now I'm more interested in learning more about jewelery making. I can't see it becoming a hobby, but I would love to make a necklace or bracelet or two for myself. Maybe a necklace with Monkey's and Nugget's (future) initials on it.
No scrappy stuff for this post. I'm currently working on a pregnancy journal, a canvas album for my best friend and I just started working with the May kit for the Scrapping Bug. All I can say about the kit is...I am so glad I didn't buy these papers a few weeks ago when I was eyeing them up. Although, I might go back and pick up some more of my favourites. I'm halfway through my first layout and I am already so in love with it!
Until next time...

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Lydia said...

So much fun, great recycle!