Friday, April 16, 2010

Scrapfest 2010

Scrapfest 2010 starts today in Kitchener. Have you ever heard of it? I've been scrapbooking now for two and a half years; I've been wanting to go to Scrapfest for two and a half years.
I had every intention on going this year. Up until a couple of months ago. Life happens, so Scrapfest is not going to happen. I've made peace with that. I'm okay. After all; it is not the end of the world to not go to Scrapfest.
Now, Steve, my loving, sweet, sorta-like-a-real-hubby-just-without-the-rings has always been supportive of my little hobby. He tries not to bat an eye at my purchases; unless I have a major shopping spree when money is tight. He lets me bounce ideas off of him, even when he has no idea what I'm talking about. He praises my attemps at artsy layouts even though he likes clean, straight lines; he's a drafter, he works with blueprints, draws up steel work for buildings, he sees clean straight lines every day. And, really, I could go on and on about how supportive he is.
I didn't realize just how supportive until last night. I mentioned Scrapfest at dinner. He asked when it is. I told him it starts today. He put down his fork and asked me why I didn't tell him sooner and can I still get a ticket. How sweet is that? He knows how much I would love to go. I talked him out of it! Never thought that day would come, but it did. I know how tempted I would be to buy if I'm there. I also know how much we need to save with the baby coming and wanting to move and having a car that will need replacing sooner than we want. No need to place in the middle of temptation.
Maybe next year. It'll be a nice break from the kids.
Until next time...

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