Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I have a laptop. We got it somewhere around three years ago. Either right before Monkey was born, or right after; I don't remember anymore.
At the time, we also had a desktop computer. The big computer was Steve's, so the laptop just sort of became mine.
Because I always used it either in the living room, or in bed, I didn't have a mouse. I got used to the little pad pretty quick. I didn't have a mouse while Monkey and I were living with my parents for a little while either. Steve was working in Australia at the time. The cute, little web cam at the top of my screen was used once a week, at min., for video chats with him. It was a great way for him to see Monkey and Monkey to see his daddy.
When Steve and I moved into our current place, one computer short (although neither of us miss the old. big computer), we started using a mouse with the laptop. I got used to it.
Well, ye ol' mouse is about to kick the bucket. It only works about 20% of the time now. It got me so fustrated, I chucked it across the room. I totally blame the hormones on that, by the way.
Now I am trying to get used to being mouse free until we finally break down and buy a new mouse.
Until next time...

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