Friday, February 20, 2009

Fave Friday Plus

Let's start off with some faves, shall we?

1. My Hello Kitty mug. It’s red and white with a lid so it’s perfect for making tea in; although I use it mostly for my morning coffee. I found it five or six years ago in a little Asian store in downtown Kitchener. It only cost me $6. I love that store. I found some of my cutest Hello Kitty and other character purses there. I must remember to go there with Monkey and pick out a stuffie or two. Who knows…Maybe I’ll score another cute mug.

2. Vanilla Caramel Coffee Mate. Bestest stuff ever to add to coffee. Anyone who knows me knows I hate the bitter taste of coffee. I do, however, enjoy flavoured coffees and lattes.. I add this stuff plus milk and a little bit sugar to my coffee and I am a happy camper. And much less grumpy in the morning too.

3. Louis Vuitton. Yep, I am a purse snob. I can openly admit it. I can spot most designer bags a mile away. I am a very proud owner of a Louis Vuitton cherry wallet. I would like a Louis bag to keep it company. Although I love designer bags, I don’t have many. A few JLO’s, a few XOXO’s (but would they really be considered designer?) and a Juicy Couture or two. I long for a Louis and have for years. I want to be able to buy one with CASH someday. And I will.

My Wallet
My Dream bag at the moment.

4. Making your child’s monster drawings into stuffies for them; as seen on Cityline. I love this idea! I’m not planning on taking Monkey’s scribbles and turning them into monsters, but I do plan on just making up a bunch of them for his room. I thought a cute monster theme would be nice in his room for when we set up the big boy bed. I figure cute monsters will help scare way the bad monsters.

5. Rachael Ray. I love her. I love her shows. I love her cook books. And best of all; Monkey loves her. We sit down to watch The Rachael Ray Show and 30 Minute Meals almost every day. He absolutely loves to watch her cook.

And lastly, I have a few layouts to share as we go into the weekend.

I came across these pictures and had to scrap them. Monkey is about 5 or 6 months old in them. I love his little toes. I'm going to have to re-print the one of him playing with the pillow. In the full picture, you can see his tiny baby toes peeking out from under the pillow.

Steve was getting me to take pictures of his paintball guns when Monkey took an interest in them. I snapped a few pictures of Monkey with the guns. Most of the gun got cropped out of these pictures because I wanted to focus on Monkey himself. I love how he looks in them.

Until next time...

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